Derrsign Offerings

Cost-Effective Brand Launch Programs for Entreprenuers

We are mostly known for re-developing a brand image for established and/or medium sized businesses and providing 5-star design on various high-end projects. We also provide a special program specifically designed for start-ups – the Mom’s and Pop’s of the world. The truth is, many startups and other entrepreneurs preparing the build a business don’t always have significant funds to spend on their identity. We feel like this is a group that is relegated to work with less experienced designers with limited skills and a lack of maturity to do it right. Hence, all the clutter we see everyday out there in the world. The startups, with somewhat limited funds, often see their image as the last item on the agenda. Although this is understandable, it may leave their image forgettable…or even regrettable.

We feel like there is a solution for this, and our Packaged Branding Solutions are the answer. While working within this framework, startups get the quality of an expert designer and branding mentor to guide them through the process. Our program helps save the customer money while still getting a contemporary brand that helps them launch with immediate credibility.

This solution isn’t for everyone, and there are certain guidelines to follow to ensure it’s success and stay within a limited budget, but the value of expert creative leadership and professional execution give it a critical dimension that would otherwise be overlooked. Any startup requires a quality logo design, stationery design, an impactful web presence, and a printed marketing piece of some kind and other key deliverables. Our packaged brand programs offer just that, coupled with our expert advice and professional execution.