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SPRING CLEANING: Bring Consistency and Clarity to Your Image

Image Calibration is a consulting and evaluation service to help your company organize and maintain consistency with its brand image. This includes a close examination of all current marketing materials, internally produced marketing materials, overall graphic ID/logo standards and all other visual presentations of your business. If your company’s brand image lacks consistency and organization, coupled with unorganized and poorly executed graphic files, this service speaks directly to you. Think of it as a Spring Cleaning of sorts – we look at what you currently are using, see what is working, what is not working and clean up what is disorganized and mishandled.

Quite often the end result could be as simple as “properly” recreating a logo so it can be used and saved in multiple formats combined with a graphic standards guide. Other occasions may call for cleaning house of all the internally created pieces (newsletters, flyers, sell sheets, etc). Often times there are multiple people doing multiple things and the overall message and brand consistency is lost – we help solve that. Another potential outcome might result in a single need that has been overlooked completely, but is integral in giving your brand credibility. For example, your logo, stationery and front office entry may look great, but your website lacks impact.

Every situation is unique. Fees for our Image Calibration service are based on time, not how many projects are “created” for us to work on. Aside from our standard evaluation costs, it is feasible that we simply leave you with the right plan and tools to move forward towards a consistent and cohesive brand image. Allow an expert to shed light on problems like: inconsistency, poor printing, unsatisfactory digital files and all the rest – we will provide creative solutions to help you on your way.